Order Cancellation

There are several reasons we may have canceled your order. Order cancellations may be because of what you have ordered, how you tried to pay for your order, the location to which you’ve chosen to ship your order and even the duration the items in your order have been sitting in your shopping Cart/Basket before you checked out.

Here’s a brief explanation of the most common reasons for why your order may be canceled.

  • Inventory issues.
All of our orders are subject to product availability. We do our best to keep stock status current and up-to-date. But, there may be instances when an item may actually be out of stock when you order it or is no longer available when we try to locate it to fulfill your order.

  • Payment issues.
We may not have been able to process your payment because of issues with the information you provided for your payment method or billing address. For example, the billing address and phone number you provided for your credit card account does not match what your bank has on file.

  • Shipment issues.
You may have provided an incorrect or incomplete shipping address and we are unable to complete delivery of your order.

  • Excess orders.
The items and quantities of items you have ordered may have exceeded limits we place on such orders.

We will email you to let you know when we’ve canceled your whole order or a portion of your order. If your order is canceled and you need assistance, please contact Customer Care.